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The Asyra® system is an FDA-approved electodermal testing device that has a broad scope of testing abilities. A University of Utah study demonstrated a 97% correlation between the Asyra's results and blood test results.

It is an economical, non-invasive, quick way to evaluate a great number of factors related to health, including heavy metal toxicity, allergies, organ toxicity, structural misalignments, nutritional adequacies, and sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

How Asyra Diagnostic Works

Everything in existence is energy. Medicine recognizes we are electromagnetic beings and has a long-standing tradition of using diagnostic machines. MRI machines work with magnetic energy. Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKGs are an electronic representation of what is in the heart. EEGs are an electronic representation of what is in the brain.

The Asyra system measures the body's energetic signatures in much the same way physical muscle testing does: if we put mercury in your body's energy field and push on your arm, it will go weak because mercury is a very toxic substance to the human body. Mercury disrupts the human energy field just as it disrupts cellular metabolism in the body.

With the Asyra system, we make use of hand-held electrodes because they are more efficient than physical muscle testing.
The Asyra system's electrodermal testing can pick up the energy signature of cancer, for example, long before conventional tests can find it. The Asyra will register frequency imbalances corresponding to physiologic abnormalities. We will then suggest the appropriate alternative cancer treatment to balance the problems identified.

Electrodermal testing was first developed by Reinhold Voll in the 1950's and measures relative conductance at points on the body when a weak current is passed though it. He discovered and confirmed with conventional testing that inflammation in an organ would show elevated conductance in the associated acupuncture meridian and degeneration of an organ would show decreased conductance. He also discovered that when the correct homeopathic vial was placed on a patient that the conductance normalized.

The main features of the Asyra include:

  • Probeless and non-invasive
  • Comprehensive health analysis in under a minute
  • Fully customisable tests
  • Imprint your own remedies
  • Low-level laser technology for accelerated treatment
  • Advanced, clear and easy-to-use software
  • Add your preferred supplements
  • Excellent training and support