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Fully-Programmable R.F. Plasma Energy Research Instrument

DISCLAIMER: The NEW BCX ULTRA R.F. Plasma Frequency Instrument is NOT a medical device. It is an EXPERIMENTAL electronic frequency instrument. It is NOT intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of ANY disease in humans or animals. It is NOT designed to affect the structure or function of ANY system in the body. If you have a health-related condition, that requires medical attention, ALWAYS consult with a licensed health care professional.
A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in Frequency Technology, the NEW BCX ULTRA R.F. (radio frequency) Noble Gas Tube Rife Unit is built with the ULTIMATE standards for the Professional Scientific Research community and independent Home Researcher. This is NOT just another off-the-shelf Function/Frequency Generator, but is an entirely NEW (based on 15 years experience in Rife Frequency Technology) Solid-State Instrument, designed from the ground-up! The NEW BCX ULTRA is the result of many years of INTENSIVE Laboratory Research and Testing, which truly brings this Frequency Instrument into the 21st Century with UNEQUALED Precision and Performance! Hundreds of individual researchers have validated the effectiveness the BCX Units. The NEW BCX ULTRA should be the LAST Rife Machine you will ever NEED!

BCX ULTRA Features

Control Unit: *Dimensions: 11.0" x 8.0" x 3.0", 2.5 lbs* Power Supply - Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.2A & Output: 24VDC @ 2.0A Controls: * Input: 1- Jack for Power Input (DC power plug, 2.5mm, center positive) * Input/Output: Jack for Computer (USB Type B)* Outputs: 5 - jacks for electrodes (2 pairs), Glass Tubes, LED wand* Eight - Push Buttons for Power On/Off - Start - Pause - Stop - Change - OK - Back – Next Output Type:?Select from 7 possible combinations?* Electrodes only* Ray Tubes only* LED Wand only* Auxiliary only* Electrodes & Ray Tubes simultaneously* Electrodes & LED Wand simultaneously* Electrodes & Auxiliary simultaneously Indicators:* 16 Character Green LED Alpha Numeric Display* LED indicators for - Ray Tubes, Electrodes, LED Wand (Red or Green), and Operating Functions* View Built-in Instructions on LCD display screen* Run a Pre-program - Scroll or select a built-in program name or number. Both are displayed on screen* Run a User program - Scroll or select your custom program by name or number* Create - Edit - Save - Run - a custom program* View a Program* Copy a Program to another User program location* Erase a User program Computer Control Capabilities:* Factory Preset Programs: 1424* User Programs: 256* Output Frequencies: simultaneously: run a single or dual frequency* Sequence Frequencies per Pre-program or User program: 80 single frequency, or 40 dual frequencies Variables for each Program (User changeable for custom designed programs)* Numbering a Program: use up to 4 digits* Naming a Program: use up to 8 alpha-numeric characters

The custom-built PHOTON TORCH XL™ is a Biophoton Light Therapy Console Unit, that utilizes a Current/Brightness Control and a NEW and ULTRA POWERFUL (30 times) 3 Watt RED Luxeon III Emitter Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.). This ULTRA HIGH Bright L.E.D. emits a SOLID/CONTINUOUS or PULSED Monochromatic Near-Infrared (625nm) Light Beam. This SPECIFIC Light Frequency has been found by Health Researchers and Practitioners to have a POWERFUL STIMULATING Effect on the Cells of the Body, making the PHOTON TORCH XL™ an invaluable AID to your HEALTH and WELL-BEING! This Effect is initiated, when the Monochromatic Red Light Photons from the PHOTON TORCH XL™ STIMULATE the Cell's Photoreceptors, and then STIMULATE the DNA to START the "HEALING" Process! The SOLID RED (near-infrared) Beam is shined onto a SPECIFIC Acupuncture Point, Trigger (center of pain) Point &/or Reflex Point or onto a LARGE affected Body Area (i.e. - Skin, Joints, Involved Muscles, Tumors, etc.).

The PHOTON TORCH XL™ is simliar to a Laser, because it emits a Monochromatic (single color frequency) Light Beam like a Laser, but isn't EXACTLY like an ACTUAL Laser, because Light Beam isn't Coherent (in-phase), and that makes it SAFE to be used in the Eye Area, but the Eyelid must be CLOSED, because the 3 Watt Luxeon III Emitter L.E.D., that's inside of the Biophoton Tool (see right side of above photo) of the PHOTON TORCH XL™, emits a SUPER-HIGH Intensity Light Beam! Besides, Researchers have found that the MOST IMPORTANT Factors with either Light Therapy Device is the Monochromatic Light, Power and Exposure Time.

The PHOTON TORCH XL™ is being offered to you as an INEXPENSIVE way to advise your Body, that the TARGETED Area that you're probing, NEEDS ATTENTION! Upon receiving Exposure to the particular Wavelength (625nm) of the PHOTON TORCH XL™, your Mind and Body's Defense System comes into play and employs the NECESSARY Activites to address the initial CAUSES of the Pain or DIS-EASE, which may have been brought about by Mechanical, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Psychological and/or Pathogenic STRESSES.

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Website: http://healingtools.tripod.com/BCX_ULTRA.html