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SCENAR (Bill Hollingsworth)

SCENAR (Bill Hollingsworth)


Russia Self Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulation promotes Neuropeptide synthesis neuro-endocrine-cutaneous-immune system interactions. It is a biofeedback device involving no drugs and no surgery, only a light touch to the body with an electrical energy responding to the body's own signals. The SCENAR [or more simply ENAR] was developed in Russia, which sits midway between East and West and is open to the innovations of both. Combining Western electrical biofeedback with Eastern energy medicine, its technology was a product of the space race. Both Eastern and Western physicists were encouraged to develop energy medicine under their government's umbrellas, as massive funding was poured into equipment for the American and Russian space programs. Astronauts and cosmonauts could not take along pharmaceuticals for every possible malady due to restricted storage space. Another form of treatment was needed, prompting the development of energetic medicine and biofeedback systems for healing. The technology for the SCENAR was developed by a team of Russian doctors and scientists at Sochi University in the late 1970s. The team sought a method of treatment that was energy-efficient, portable, non-invasive, and circumvented the space flight problem of toxic waste storage. The solution they devised was a repeatable therapeutic treatment using electrical signals to stimulate the immune system, the body's own healer.

Solving the Health Care Crisis.

Ironically, the SCENAR (or simply ENAR) was never used in space; perestroika made it unnecessary. But its technology is helping to solve the health care crisis in Russia, and it could also help solve the health care crisis in the West. The device works on diseases and dysfunctions of every sort, by acting systemically on the energy field of the body. Yet it is the size and shape of a TV remote control and operates on an ordinary 9-volt battery. Only minimal training is necessary to use it for enhanced wellness and for cosmetic effects such as increased facial tone (the natural face lift). Even for use on serious diseases and injuries and on chronic medical conditions, the training required is brief compared to the years of schooling necessary to practice conventional medicine. Results reported for the SCENAR have been remarkable. There seem to be very few ailments it cannot alleviate. To date, over 50,000 cases have been reported involving the device. More than 10,000 practitioners are using it in Russia, along with some 500 in the United Kingdom, many as their principal treatment on a wide range of diseases and injuries. A large body of information available from research papers, clinical reports and training manuals indicate that overall, the SCENAR is effective in about eighty percent of cases (where "effectiveness" is defined as a cure in two-thirds of cases and significant improvement in the remainder). The device also greatly reduces recovery times. At the 2000 Olympics in Australia, the SCENAR was called Russia's "secret weapon," allowing athletes to compete after sustaining serious injuries. In accident and emergency wards, it is used to aid recovery from cardiac arrest, massive trauma and coma. It has also proven beneficial in burns, fractures, insect bites, allergic reactions, immune disorders, depression and other mental afflictions, dental problems, and skin conditions.

In addition, Russian trials have demonstrated dramatic benefits for pain relief. Victims of both cancer and fractures have experienced more pain relief from the release of natural opioids stimulated by SCENAR treatment than from chemical opioids administered pharmaceutically. During treatment, the recipient feels only a gentle tingling or stroking sensation, as the SCENAR is run over the spine, abdomen, infected area or other relevant portions of bare skin. The device sends electrical signals, records the resistive response, and uses its sophisticated software to return a freshly modulated signal. The practitioner determines where to apply the device by looking for anomalies on the skin surface, indicated by redness, numbness, stickiness or a change in sound from the device. These areas may not seem to be directly related to the symptoms for which treatment is sought, but the experience indicates that the healing process is commenced by treating these "asymmetries."

How it works

The SCENAR is operated by placing the device directly on to the skin, where it collects electromagnetic signals that are modified and sent back to the body. This "biofeedback" feature is what distinguishes it from TENS machines and other electrical therapies, which send out a consistent continuous signal to which the body can eventually fail to respond. The SCENAR's signals, by contrast, change in response to body changes, preventing adaptation. The device sends out a series of signals through the skin and measures the response.